Back Pressure Valves

From our Partner Chemfeed from the Netherlands we provide a variety of back pressure valves and options that work in many different applications. There are four main types of back pressure valves:


  • M-Series: Low flow (1/4" to 1/2" or DN 8 to DN 15 connections)
  • G-Series: Medium to large flow (1/2" to 4" or DN 15 to DN 100 connections)
  • High Flow: High flow (1/2" to 1" or DN 15 to DN 50 connections)
  • Medium Pressure: Medium Pressure to 800 psi (55 bar) (1/4" to 1" or DN 8 to DN 25 connections)


Variations and Options Include:

  • Unibody: Valve with union connections, made from a solid PVC or CPVC body
  • PTFE Flanged: G-Series valve with flange connections, made from a solid PTFE body
  • ARV: Air release valve acts as a priming valve for a back pressure valve